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Letter #10 -  2007

Sub:    King-Bishop-Knight checkmate
Date:   3/13/2007 12:23:44 PM MST
From:  Michael-T.Cook


In my effort to better understand what it takes to checkmate an opposing King with your own King, Bishop, and Knight, I came across your website that details this very intricate checkmate.

However, in studying your analysis of the checkmate, I have some questions.


1. The move sequence goes: 9. Nf5 Kg4 10. Bd5 (waiting move) Kh3?? (why not 10. Kf4, bringing the Knight toward the center, and close to the choice long dark diagonal)?

2. 12. f4 h3? (why not g1 and wrap around the edge of the board?) Thanks, Mike

Dear viewer,

We changed completely the King-Bishop-Knight endgame exercise.

This new setup was taken from a 46 year old good Chess book.

We hope this new change helps and answers your question.

Thank you for visiting us,

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