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Letter #20 -  2007

Sub:    World Chess champions page
Date:   07/08/2007 11:30:18 AM PDT
From:  Mark Pinkston


Why do you not update your page to include the current World Champion? Now that Vladimir Kramnik has put an end to FIDE's sham title, and proved he is the reigning 14th World Champion, why not change your page to reflect reality?

You have Ponomariov as the current Champ, and he was only one of a series of FIDE joke Champions. Please give Kramnik the respect he deserves and list him as the 14th, and current, World Chess Champion!

Mark Pinkston

Dear viewer,

Our world Chess Champions page has been updated to reflect the last or current changes.

You may go to the following link to check this update:

Thank you for visiting us,

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