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Letter #33 -  2008

Sub:    Bad links on PGN files
Date:   10/06/2008 09:17:01 PM EST
From:  C.B.


Just to let you know, this link on your website for the pgn file of Edgard Colle games does not work:

Also, looking at some of the other pgn files on the web page, the files for these players did not open for me:

Denker, Gunsberg, Paulsen, Ponomariov, Spielmann, and Unzicker.

I tried repairing the files with a zip repair utility and the utility said the zip files are corrupted. Maybe no problem with them though.


Dear viewer,

All PGN files you mention above were corrupted.

They all were replaced and hopefully you won’t have any problem at all to download them now.

Thank you for visiting us,

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