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Sub:    Checkmate with Bishop and Knight
1/31/2008 6:29:05 P.M. MST

In the mate with Bishop and Knight example from your problems page, we reach this position at the 15th move: 4k3/7B/5K2/4N3/8/8/8/8.

Next, black plays Kf8 and everything works out pretty good. I would like to know what will happen if black moves Kd8.

Thank you for your answer.

Dear viewer,

The reason black moves to Kf8 is very simple: black must keep away from any white long diagonal corner square to avoid being checkmated by the white Bishop.

You can try this position below as if black had moved to “Kd8” like you suggested. You have white pieces, move first, and should be able to win easily.

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