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Letter #23 -  2008

Sub:    Chess quotes for your page
Date:   06/28/2008 12:07:35 AM EDT

I have actually learned a lot from this guys quotes, they seem to be poetic and at the same time have a lot of logic to them. He has some more out there that I have read before just as good as these, if you look around the internet you may be able to find them.

Nice site by the way, this site is great for learning, it's almost got a fun video game theme to it as well as being informative. I really enjoy Here are those quotes ( got them from wikiquote) :

 “This is the Dance Floor 64, come not to dance but come for war!” - Jamie Walter Adams

“You progress in Chess when you make it personal, if you lose in Chess don't take it personal.” - Jamie Walter Adams

Now back to the board.


Dear viewer,

We appreciate the Chess quotes sent and the kind words about our website.

Both quotes will be added to our Chess quotes page later on.

Thank you for visiting us,

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