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Letter #15 -  2008

Sub:    Knight on f6 more active than one on e7?
Date:   3/27/2008 22:38:00 P.M. EDT
Richard Moody Jr.

Dear Chess-Poster,

Why is a Knight on f6 more active than one on e7? In the Universal Attack, I recommend the move sequence g6/Bg7/e6/Ne7 with the idea that the Knight can almost always get to f5 if so desired. If a Black Knight on f6 has no ability to access the center, whereas a Knight on e7 can get to f5, which is the more active Knight?

Why is “activity” restricted to the first move made by a player? Ne7 also prevents the pin Bg5 which is met quite simply with  f6. This, in turn, permits Black to play O-O/Rf7 increasing the activity of the Rook at no cost. Aren’t the Indian Defenses suspect because a Black Knight on f6 is poorly placed?

It doesn’t prevent e4 in the Saemisch, it hems in the f-Pawn, it permits the pin Bg5 and Black often hems in the Bishop with e5. Doesn’t it make more sense to play the sequence g6/Bg7/e6/Ne7/d5, than the sequence Nf6/g6/Bg7/d6/e5?

Richard Moody Jr.

Dear viewer,

Thank you for this good information on this opening.

As usual, all your sent e-mails are informative and very welcome.

Best regards,

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