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Letter #28 -  2008

Sub:    Mate in nine moves
Date:   08/07/2008 04:23:52 PM EDT
Alfredo Del Bosque De La O


First, let me congatulate you for such a good page which I love for didactic and lots of interesting information that can be found in it by all Chess fans trying to learn this amazing game.

I have the following question:

I found a solution to checkmate the computer in 9 moves. In move 7(see moves below) the computer moves the Pawn to g5 instead of protecting g7 (which is the mating square) with the defensive move Ne8 that could have save the game with a more complicated play and avoiding losing with an announced mate in two. The moves list is as follows:

1. e4 - e5
2. Qf3 - Nf6
3. d3 - Nc6
4. c3 - Be7
5. Be2 - 0-0
6. Qg3 - d5
7. Bh6 - g5??  -why not Ne8 or any other move?
8. Qxg5+ - Kh8
9. Qg7#


Alfredo Del Bosque
Zacatecas, Mexico

Dear viewer,

This type of play from the Amyan Chess program has been widely documented in our mail pages by other viewers.

To avoid this strange behavior you have to disable the "Evaluations" option in the menu by clicking on it or change the level of play of the program by increasing the time allowed to the computer to think.

Thank you for visiting us,

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