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Letter #01 -  2008

Sub:    Pinned King
Date:   1/04/2008 3:03:09 P.M. MST

In the following position:

1. White King h5
2. White Rook h6
3. Black Pawn h7
4. Black King h8

Can the white King move to g6 square?

The white King can be attacked by the black Pawn but in doing so, the black Pawn exposes his King to check by the white Rook.


Dear viewer,

White cannot move to g6 because his King would be on check. Chess rules do not allow a King to place himself into a check position.

The graphic below illustrates this position:

Pinned King

Even that the black Pawn on h7 is pinned by the white Rook, the white King is not allowed to move into g6.

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