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Letter #13 -  2008

Sub:    Planned Chess game
Date:   3/16/2008 16:02:39 P.M. MST
From:  Nancy Cave

I am looking to obtain a planned Chess game for our Founder’s Week celebration in April.

I have the students and faculty as pieces but I don’t have the game. Can yo tell me how to obtain one?

Thank you,
Nancy Cave

Dear viewer,

Although we do not exactly know what you are looking for, we assume you are trying to find any kind of information in how to run a Chess tournament.

If that is the case, the following text will provide some info on this issue:


Chess tournaments can be very fun if done well... or frustrating if done wrong. The information presented here is for schools, teachers, parents, and coaches who want to organize a fun and enjoyable tournament where all students learn and have a good time. If you are looking for more serious competitive or rated tournaments, check with your local Chess federation or organization.

Chess is a competitive game. There is usually only one winner! Players naturally want to compete to see who is better, but it is very important to emphasize that no matter who wins the tournament or each game, you can never lose when you are learning! The only losers are those who are too afraid to participate!

It is recommended that you divide players by general skill and/or age. While it is never fun losing, it is definitely NOT fun being beaten by somebody who is obviously in a different category. It is usually better to have more small groups than one large group. It is easier to manage and also allows for more winners.

Make your Chess tournament more enjoyable by getting the right Chess equipment. Nobody likes to sit out and wait for a board!

The best thing you can do for your Chess tournament is make sure that everybody plays the same number of games! Don't use elimination tournaments - they are frustrating, discouraging and boring for those who lose early. It is advised that you use the round robin style of tournament (see below). Chess tournaments require that each game be scored. A win is worth 1 point, a loss is worth 0 points, and a draw is worth 1/2 a point.

If you are not using clocks in your tournament you need to encourage players to move quickly. If a player feels that another player is stalling, have them raise their hand to draw your attention. If the game is not finished in the specified timeframe of the game then you should call the game for the player who has a point advantage of 5 or more points (King = not counted, Queen = 9, Rook = 5, Bishop = 3, Knight = 3, Pawn = 1).

Or, if there is less than 5 points difference then call the game a draw. It is strongly suggested that you play “touch-move”. A player must move the first piece he/she touches unless it is an illegal move. Also, if you find that players have made illegal moves, try to go back and reconstruct the most reasonable position. Try and make sure that both players are happy with the results of any dispute.

You can play a round robin tournament with almost any number of Chess players, but it is usually best with a small number of players (6 or fewer). Within each group each player plays one (or two) games against each other player and the player with the most points at the end wins. If you have more players than that, try separating them further into smaller groups. You can have the winners of each round robin group play against each other in an exciting playoff! Check out the following example:

Num. Player name 1 2 3 4 5 6 Total
1 Joe X 0 1 1 0 0 2.0
2 Ryan 1 X 0 .5 0 0 1.5
3 Jenny 0 1 X 1 0 1 3.0
4 Sarah 0 .5 0 X 0 0 0.5
5 Collin 1 1 1 1 X .5 4.5
6 Jessie 1 1 0 1 .5 X 3.5

Notice that each player is given a player number. The chart shows how each one did against their opponents. Notice that there is an “X” in each space where it shows that they play against themselves. You can see that in this tournament “Collin” won because he had the most points of the group.

Again, make sure that each player feels like they are a winner for participating. You might consider giving a “Good Sportsmanship” special award to any students who lost all of their games. Everyone loves Chess prizes and trophies! Encourage all players to practice more and pay more attention in their games.

Thank you for visiting us,

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