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Letter #14 -  2008

Sub:    Playing Senet
Date:   3/22/2008 18:37:46 P.M. PDT
Ira Kachelhofer

In your History of Chess page you state:

“The finest original copy of ‘The Book of the Dead’ is the Papyrus of Ani, now one of the treasures of the British Museum in London.

Written by a royal scribe, this scroll is 78 feet long and 15 feet inches wide, wonderfully illustrated in colour.

It also contains an illustration of the resurrection of the scribe Ani himself and his wife Tutu, who are depicted playing Chess”.

Ani is not playing Chess. He is playing Senet.

Ira L.

Dear viewer,

This error has been already corrected.

Thank you for letting us know.

Playing Senet
Sennedjem and wife playing Senet

Best regards,

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