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Letter #16 -  2008

Sub:    Queen ‘en prise’
Date:   4/04/2008 11:42:46 - 0400
From:  Tom Griffin

I was looking at some of the King’s Gambit opening variants in your  archives, and I believe there is a problem with one. It is entitled  “Classical D, KGA” in your database.

In this listing, black leaves his  Queen ‘en prise’ and white can simply respond: 4. Nxh4, with no  apparent suitable response available to black. But instead you show  white playing 4. Kf1, which doesn’t make sense.

In fact, white never plays f4, so the opening itself is mislabeled.  Maybe that’s it - a typo on white’s third move. It could explain both  things.

Thank you for looking into this.

Tom Griffin
Kennett Township, PA

Dear viewer,

There was an error on white’s second move (2. Nf3) which made the whole opening sequence inoperative.

This mistake has been already corrected.

Thank you for your e-mail pointing out this discrepancy.

Best regards,

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