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Letter #06 -  2008

Sub:    Question about computer analysis
Date:   1/31/2008 7:32:34 A.M. MST
David Love

In the openings section when one is playing a game against the computer--the “try yourself the _______ opening...”, what is the meaning of the shown sequence of moves that the computer keeps recalculating with each new move?

Also, what does the "score" right above that indicate?

One more thing, is it possible to reverse a move in that section, i.e. go back one or more moves without starting over?

David Love

Dear viewer,

The meaning of the shown sequence of moves that the computer does is just to let the viewer watch the "thinking" process that is undergoing.

The Score parameter shows (to the computer's point of view) who is ahead in the game. A Pawn value is 100 points, Bishop and Knight are 300 points each, Rook is 500 points and the Queen is 900. So, at the beginning of a game if you play white and make the first move, the score shown by the machine analysis after making his first move could be 0 since both players are equal at this point of the game.

If you like to review this process, start a game and give a piece away. If you choose to lose a Pawn, the score will show an increase of 100 points. A minus (-) sign on the left side of the number means the computer is down in the score.

Of course the score yielded is related to piece material gain but also to positional and strategic advantage. You could have many more pieces than the computer and if the score shows the machine is ahead of you is because it will get a more favorable game later or checkmate you in a short time. A score of 10,000 means either checkmate, draw, or stalemate.

The Depth parameter shows the maximum search depth in plies. You can increase this parameter for a better play from the computer but increases thinking/reply time.

The Time parameter is the maximum thinking time in milliseconds. Again, you can increase this parameter for a stronger computer's reply. This parameter is set at 10,000 milliseconds (10 seconds) by default.

On the taking back move question, Lokasoft Chess program does not allow a player to go back one or more moves without starting another game.

Thank you for visiting us,

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