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Letter #10 -  2008

Sub:    Unable to download Morphy games
Date:   2/12/2008 16:27:43 P.M EST
Pete R. Blum

Click on Morphy games shows only "Java" screen--please check--


Dear viewer,

We checked Morphy games page and found nothing wrong.

However, we have seen this problem before. If you have broadband service (cable or dsl) and this happens often, try using IE explorer outside AOL environment. Somehow while browsing with AOL, navigating is too slow as if you had dial up service (modem) even if you have cable.

Also, download the latest version of IE explorer (ver. 7). We tested all our pages with broadband and most pages in our site load up instantly. Sometimes, by turning your system off and on eveything goes back to normal

Thank you for visiting us,

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