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Letter #41 -  2009

Sub:    Change of layout
Date:   9/24/2009  03:51:31 PM EDT

Dear Service team

I have been with your site for over 5 years. Always enjoyed your page "Let's Play Chess".

Recently, I found that you have changed the lay out of this program, which I found very inconvenient.

In the old version, I just could click on the start a new game button without refreshing the page.

Now, every time I restart for a new game, the page refreshes and I had to reset the settings of time and level.

I think I like the old version better.

Thank you.

Dear viewer,

The 'Play Chess' page has been updated with the old option (New Game button) you like. The previous 'New Game' button we had posted before is now a 'Refresh Page' button.

When we enhanced the page by adding a FEN window to enter any position of your choice, we wanted to add a 'New Game' button that refreshes and start a new game because as you may know, there is a very small glitch in the program that when you defeat the computer and want to start a new game, sometimes it just stops to move or freezes.

By having now these two buttons, both issues are resolved: the 'New Game' button starts a new game keeping your current settings, and the 'Refresh Page' button resets the entire program and all settings to the original starting point.

We surely appreciate your input since we never thought of the possibility from a player wishing to keep the game settings every time he likes to start a new game.

Thank you for visiting us,

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