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Letter #26 -  2009

Sub:    Chess Arbiter
Date:   6/24/2009 00:20:33 AM EDT
From:  Roy_gal


Is there such a thing as a Chess Arbiter like in sports and if so, what role do they play during a game or tournament?

Thank you for your site, is very complete. We have a small Chess club and we use your pages for reference quite often.

Best regards,
Roy Galindo

Dear viewer,

Yes, there are Chess Arbiters and their duty is to enforce that the rules of Chess are strictly observed and shall act in the best interest of the competition or tournament.

Also, the Arbiter should ensure that a good playing environment is maintained at all times and that the players are not disturbed or distracted in any way.

The Arbiter shall observe the games in progress especially those in time trouble. He should enforce decisions he has made and impose penalties on players when appropriate.

Some possible penalties an Arbiter can issue may include:

1. A warning
2. Expulsion from the event
3. Declaring the game to be lost
4. Increasing the remaining time of the opponent
5. Reducing the remaining time of the offending player

Thank you for visiting us,

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