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Sub:    King in front of me, is it draw?
Date:   02/21/2009 10:13:42 PM EDT
From:  Heriberta9

I am a beginner in the game of Chess and in two times an opponent placed his King in front of mine with an empty square between both of us and still both having few Pawns in some squares away from the Kings.

He said that the game was a draw, is it true?

What it is done in a case like this?

Dear viewer,

The following diagram (Fig. 1) can illustrate a draw position related to your question. By keeping the opposition (any King), this game should be a draw. The only way for black to lose the game is if it moves to c6 allowing white King to occupy e5 square and to capture black Pawn at g6. In a position like this, any player can claim a draw.

Any King to move and draw
King draw
(Fig. 1)

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