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Letter #43 -  2009

Sub:    Pawn Promotion Notation
Date:   10/02/2009  11:19:30 AM EDT
Lucas Gabriel


I like to know how the proper way to annotate when a Pawn is promoted in these cases:

A. Pawn in g7 captures Bishop in f8 and promotes to a Knight.

B. Pawn in g7 captures Knight in f8, promotes to a Rook and Check.

C. Pawn in g7 captures Rook in f8, promotes to a Queen and Checkmate.

I know that Pawn promotion is annotated like this: g7=Q or g7Q or g7(Q) but when it captures I don't know how is it.


Dear viewer,

Our answer is as follows:

A. gxf8=N

B. gxf8=R+

C. gxf8=Q#

Pawn promotion is not annotated like this: g7=Q. If you have a Pawn at g7 and you move to g8 to promote it to a Queen, it should be annotated as: g8=Q.

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