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Letter #39 -  2009

Sub:    PGN viewer
Date:   9/19/2009  10:23:30 AM EDT
John Cowan

For me, the viewer could be the last resort. I use a iMac 2.66GHz computer.

For some time now I have had no luck downloading PGN files, but on an earlier model iMac it was possible to download a PGN file of a Chess tournament and it would open in ‘AppleWorks’ with no trouble whatsoever, there was no need for a viewer.

Is there a way that the pgn format can be imported direct to the computer?. Finally, are the 3 PGN viewers you have for download suitable for both ‘Windows’ and ‘Mac’?.

I thank you in the hope you have some useful advice.

Kindest regards,
John Cowan.

Dear viewer,

A pgn file is just a text file which can be viewed with any text editor or a word processor. If your new system can't open a pgn file, you may need to configure your settings to do so.

You can try to change the file extension from pgn to txt if you like to watch it in your computer such as: Kasparov.pgn to Kasparov.txt. Of course, if you want to review it in a PGN viewer, it has to have the .pgn extension appended back again.

We believe the three PGN viewers we have for free download are compatible for Windows platform only.

Thank you for visiting us,

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