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Letter #32 -  2009

Sub:    Play against computer
Date:   8/07/2009  12:41:12 AM EDT
From:  Sagar Shah

I think this is an amazing website with a plethora of information!

But to cut to the chase, my question revolves around the Chess computer that a viewer is allowed to play against.

I just wanted more information about that particular opponent, such as its approximate rating, and the pros/cons of its Chess play.

Thank you.

Dear viewer,

The java Chess program "Little ChessPartner" from Lokasoft is a very fine software and a formidable Chess opponent!

On the very fastest desktop computers, it may play at approximately an expert rating (2000 Elo).

It features a book opening repertoire, option to play white or black, settings for levels of play (fixed time or ply depth), won't allow illegal moves, it makes and accepts the en-passant maneuver, promotion, castling, problem setup, and it's able to find mate in 5 (default level), also, recognizes check, checkmate, and stalemate.

This game is written in the Java programming language and your browser must have Java in order for it to operate.

If your browser does not have Java, you should go to and download the latest version for free.

Thank you for visiting us,

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