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Letter #06 -  2009

Sub:    Playing the computer
Date:   Thursday, 5 Feb 2009 01:50:15 AM EST
From:  Geoff Hilton


After playing various openings against the computer and learning a lot, the computer does not appear to want to play with me anymore. Is it something I have done or not done to offend it? Please convey my apologies and let it know that I would really like its company in cyberspace.

If I could be specific, I want to play the Queen's Gambit and play P-QB4 which the program allows me to do but then there is no response. Black does not make a move. I have refreshed the browser but this makes no difference.

You have developed a great site.

Every good wish
Geoff Hilton

Dear viewer,

We tested the Queen's Gambit and played P-QB4 without any problem. This was done on three different computers and a Laptop.

The problem then resides in your computer which we believe is a minor adjustment in your system. You may try to clean your temporary Internet files in your browser and refresh it, or turn off and on your system.

Also, try to download the latest version of the java software which is free and faster. We hope the above hints may help you solve this issue.

Thank you for visiting us,

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