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Letter #09 -  2009

Sub:    Question on castling
Date:   22 Feb 2009 4:07:11 PM EST
From:  Jeff Carlton


Can a King castle if either he or the Rook move over attacked squares?


Dear viewer,

The following three examples may help you find an answer to your Castling question:

On this first diagram, even that the white Rook on b1 controls the b file, black can safely castle Queenside since the King won't move through or end up in an attacked square. The black Rook is immune from attack or being captured on this castling position (fig. 1).

Black to move and castle
Legal castling
(Fig. 1)

This second diagram shows a position that won't allow black to castle Queenside because black King has to move through a square that is controlled by the white Rook (d8) even that the black King would place himself at c8 square (fig 2).

Black to move, cannot castle
Illegal castling
(Fig 2)

Here, black cannot castle queenside because such a move will place his King in check by the white Bishop at g4 square (fig 3).

Black to move, cannot Castle
Illegal castling 2
(Fig 3)

Thank you for visiting us,

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