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Letter #47 -  2009

Sub:    Shortest game ever played
Date:   10/26/2009  5:41:09 PM EDT
Conrad Conero


You indicate that you do not have a record of an actual game that ended with a checkmate in only two moves and give your three move game instead as the "shortest game ever played" for that reason.

If you will check on "", you will see that they have listed a game between Lance Darling and Richard Wood (1983), that lasts only two moves.

So your statement has now been proven incorrect. QED.


Dear viewer,

Thank you for your information. The game you're referring to is located at and was played between Lance Darling and Richard Wood at the NWC on April 1983.

Below you can review the game in a pgn viewer:

This browser is not Java-enabled.

Our "Shortest game ever played" page has been updated with this new information.

Thank you for visiting us,

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