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Letter #53 -  2009

Sub:    Solitaire Chess
Date:   12/17/09 10:09:34 PM EDT

We all know that Chess is played between two players. Is there a method or form of playing Chess against myself?

Sort like a single-player or solitaire Chess.

Thank you.

Dear viewer,

There is not much information in the web related to some kind of single-player or solitaire Chess.

However, teacher and Chess author Bruce Pandolfini writes a monthly column for the magazine Chess Life entitled "Solitaire Chess" which is the closest we know of some kind of one person Chess practicing.

Be warned, playing Chess against yourself could be detrimental to you because either way, playing white or black and sooner or later, you will be defeated... by you!

See graphic below:

Solitaire Chess

Thank you for visiting us,

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