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Letter #36 -  2009

Sub:    Trying different setup
Date:   9/03/2009  4:51:22 AM EDT


I would like to know if it is possible to change the original setup of the King + Bishop and Knight mate that you have on your page of Chess Problems.

To this date, I have played the current setup many times and now I can anticipate the next move the computer would make.

I really think that with a different setup(s) option, we can spend a great deal of time figuring out new ways to accomplish this peculiar kind of mate.

Thank you.
Greg M.

Dear viewer,

The Chess problem you mention above is a fixed one and cannot be modified.

However, there are two easy ways to play different setups of this particular problem or, you can create your own setups of your choice.

1. We are providing you with 5 different positions on FEN format:

8/8/6k1/1K6/1B6/4N3/8/8 w - - 1 0
8/8/5K2/8/3k1N2/3B4/8/8 w - - 1 0
5K2/8/6N1/8/8/2k5/8/3B4 w - -1 0
2N5/8/8/8/k7/8/1B5K/8 w - - 1 0
6B1/8/8/8/8/K7/5N1k/8 w - - 1 0

Copy (Ctrl+c) any of the above FEN strings and paste it (Ctrl+v) into the FEN window in the "Let's Play Chess" page and press the 'Send FEN string' button to start playing a new position against the computer; you move first.

2. This second option lets you build your own setup or position of your choice by using the "EPD/FEN string viewer" Javascript program. Just follow instructions on the page to create you own FEN string and copy and paste it back to the "Let's Play Chess" page.

Note: You should append the " w - - 1 0" parameters to the end of the newly created FEN string for the program to function properly.

Thank you for visiting us,

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