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Letter #25 -  2009

Sub:    Why white always moves first?
Date:   6/22/2009   08:00:21 AM EDT
From:  Rolando Terra

Hello Chess friends,

Just wondering why white pieces move first.

Is there any reason behind it?

Thank you.

Dear viewer,

We haven't found anything in the web that answers your question other than "white always moves first", and that's the rule.

However, in our very personal opinion there are three reasons we can come up that may answer your question.

1. If black pieces were to move first, maybe then we would ask: "why black pieces move first?"

2. By moving certain color always first, we never have to guess who started a game. This is very useful when reviewing annotated games and PGN files.

3. Although starting a game gives a player a slight advantage, moving first becomes irrelevant in tournament matches since every player has the opportunity of playing an opponent with white and black pieces alternatively.

Thank you for visiting us,

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