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Letter #21 -  2011

Sub:    3,300+ Chess Openings on PGN Viewer
05/05/11  01:38:25
From:  Jitender khurana


I visited your website. It has been a very good experience.

I have seen '3,300+ Chess Openings to review on PGN Viewer' there, which can be seen game wise on your website. There are lots of PGN files to download there but I could not find PGN of these openings that could be downloaded.

There was another opening PGN collection that can be downloaded but it did not contain names of openings with the games, so it was difficult to co-relate. Also, it seemed to be different than those '3,300 + Chess Openings to review on PGN Viewer'.

Can you please send me PGN of those openings with names? Or, can you tell me if they are available on your website itself if I am not able to find them there?

Thank you very much
Jitender khurana

Dear visitor,

A new openings .doc file has been added to our openings page showing most openings in alphabetical order and can be downloaded here.

If you like to use it in a PGN viewer, you may have to edit it and sort them out in groups to suit your needs.

Thank you for visiting us,

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