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Letter #55 -  2011

Sub:    Anti-symmetric Chess
12/28/11  2:37:22 PM EDT
From:  Gerardo Cardona Velasco

Dear Sirs:

A few years ago I wrote to you about this matter but the idea by then was barely conceived. At this moment, it is fully developed and I have already tried that FIDE review it and rate it but I haven't had an answer. I would like to know with your help if I may be able to get to them and let them evaluate it. The letter I sent them at that moment, read like this:

In search of an official patent ©


Bogotá, December 4, 2011


Dear Sirs.

It is an honor to address you to propose a new form of playing Chess entitled Anti-symmetric Chess. Like the Bobby Fischer's Chess960 proposed in 1996, I also pretend to present a new  classic game scheme which can compete against the computer dominance and yet keeping intact the essence of this noble and ancient game. I like to know how or the proper way to present this proposal in order to be analyzed by you and be approved & certified for tournaments or to be played in Chess websites through the internet.

This proposal has already been sent to the America Chess Federation ( about a month ago and I haven't received an answer from them yet so I decided to write directly to you as the highest world Chess authority.

I will surely appreciate your kind reply and I look forward to hear from you for directions to formally present my straightforward proposal.

Truly yours,

Gerardo Cardona Velasco
C.C Nro 19.270.113 de Bogotá-Colombia

P.S: Excuse me for writing to you in Spanish language, but this is my native tongue.

Dear visitor,

In the past, some players have tried to make some changes or modify the rules of Chess with little luck. Jose Capablanca, Robert Fischer, and maybe some other players have tried it before but the moves or position of the pieces remain nearly identical to those of the original creation.

The exception are the few known changes already implemented such as the Queen's powerful movement, the long reach of the Bishops, en-passant move, castling, and the initial two move Pawn move.

In your letter, you mention you're trying to secure "an official patent" which it may be difficult to obtain because simple ideas or suggestions are not patentable. An invention must be something real and concrete, you can not obtain a patent simply for an idea.

We are posting your letter in our site and hopefully someone could be interested in developing your idea and contact you.

Thank you for visiting us,

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