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Letter #22 -  2011

Sub:    Chess joke
05/16/11  07:35:14
From:  Rolando_902

Wooow, what a site!: Openings, Games, Trivia, History, etc. I spent two great hours of Chess pleasure in your site.

Do you know any good Chess related joke?

Thank you for your great site!!! ; -)

Dear visitor,

We appreciate your comments about our website. We found the following Chess joke:

Once upon a time, a hardcore Chess player passed away. A couple of weeks later, a long time Chess friend heard his voice and very excited asked him: "Where are you, what does it feel like to be on the other side?"

His dead friend replied: "I have good and bad news to tell you. Which one you like to hear first?"

He quickly answered back: "Tell me first the good news."

"OK, although sometimes is hot and dark down here, you are allowed to play Chess all day long with any Grand Master of your choosing."

"Great!" the friend shouted back, and continued: "Now, tell me about the bad news."

"You play black against Saddam Hussein this coming Friday."

Thank you for visiting us,

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