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Letter #03 -  2011

Sub:    Definition of a pure mate
01/18/11  9:33:09
From:  Goldberg_23

Hello everybody,

Do you know the definition of a pure mate?

I just saw it in a Chess article from a Chess problem which was titled "Pure mate."


Dear viewer,

When a King is placed in an open area (at least one square away from any edge of the board), it can only move to eight squares around him:

king moves
8 possible moves for the King

The meaning of a pure mate is that for each of the eight squares around the black King, there is exactly a reason why the King cannot move to any of them as shown in the following graphic:

pure mate
Pure mate

If all units of the mating side, with the possible exception of the King and Pawns, are involved in a pure mate, then it is a model mate; if all units of both colors are involved in a pure mate, then it is an ideal mate.

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