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Letter #41 -  2011

Sub:    Draw by repetition
09/18/11  04:08:00 PM EDT
From:  Jordi Fuster

Good afternoon.

I am doing a work about Chess and I'm currently working the part of Draws when a question arose. Well, I don't understand the draw by repetition rule very good.

If a threefold repetition occurs with the same moves by both players but not consecutively since they have originated throughout the game, could that be considered a draw?

I'm sending you a graphic I created which I don't know if it is a draw because black pieces have different possibilities to move:

 draw by repetition

Thank you!

 Dear visitor,

The Laws of Chess state the following:

Article 5: The completed game

"5.4 The game may be drawn if the identical position is about to appear or has appeared on the Chessboard three times. (See Article 9.2)"

The game is a draw when the whole pieces position on the board repeats three times regardless if such position was reached consecutively or not.

The position in your graphic above should end in a draw even that white can check the black King from at least five different positions and black King can move out of check to five different squares.

Eventually, after checking the black King repeatedly, a threefold repetition will be achieved and white can claim a draw.

Thank you for visiting us,

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