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Sub:    Draw offer
07/12/11  11:12:09 AM EDT
From:  Fausto

When the opponent offers a draw in a game, do I have to accept it right away or say something to let him know I may refuse his offer?

Just wonder what is the normal procedure on this matter.

Regards from NH.

 Dear visitor,

A draw offer can be made at any time during a Chess game and if it is declined, it may be repeated later on in the game. A player is allowed to offer a draw only on his turn and always requires both players to agree to draw.

An opponent offering a draw usually makes his move and calls the draw at the same time. After the opponent makes his move, you can evaluate it and decide if the move is strong enough to warrant the draw.

Now, the answer to your question:

If you like to decline the draw offer, you don't have to say a word, just make your next move and the game continues.

Or, if you want to accept it, you can tell him so and shake his hand.

Thank you for visiting us,

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