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Letter #17 -  2011

Sub:    Endgame
04/19/11  01:17:34
From:  B.M.

Dear friends,

I enjoy very much playing Chess (sometimes I think I play more than I should!) and I also spend many hours in your chess-poster site. I like your Openings and Great Games pages a lot.

Most times I fail to play well the ending part of the game (endgame). Of all of the golden rules of Chess endgame, which one will you consider should be on top of the list?

Thank you for your time.
Bernard Milton

Dear visitor,

All rules are of equal importance, but if you want us to put one above all, we could choose this one: "The King must play a very prominent role in the endgame".

In the opening and middlegame part of a Chess game, The King merely plays as spectator with little or no action at all.

The most important role in the endgame is often played by the King when it turns into a very active and aggressive piece.

Thank you for visiting us,

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