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Letter #53 -  2011

Sub:    First Chess child prodigy
12/23/11  4:00:29 PM EDT
From:  gio29


Was it Jose Capablanca or Bobby Fischer the first child Chess prodigy ever?


Dear visitor,

We believe that Paul C. Morphy (1837-1884) from New Orleans was the first known Chess child prodigy. His father taught him to play Chess at age 8 and at 11, he was able to beat the strongest players in New Orleans.

Other Chess child prodigies:

Max Euwe learned the game at 4
Jose Capablanca  learned the game at age 4
Samuel Reshevsky was taught the moves at 4
Anatoly Karpov was taught the moves at age 4
Boris Spassky learned the game at age 5
Robert Fischer learned at age 6
Vasily Smyslov learned at age 6
Bent Larsen learned the game at age 6
Alexander Alekhine learned at age 7
Mikhail Tal learned at age 8
Tigran Petrosian learned Chess at age 8

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