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Letter #23 -  2011

Sub:    Four moves position
05/20/11  18:18:22
From:  Diana L.


I found your site at Google (Chess Openings) and I enjoyed very much the way you set up the Openings page, specially the interactive option to practice them.

Afterward, I navigated to the Chess Problems section and surely you made this page to keep us glued to it for several hours!

I'm sending you an attachment with a Chess position that I hope you publish it for your Chess viewers.

Rather than being a Chess problem, this puzzle requires you to find the right moves taken to arrive to this position.

All moves should be legal after white and black have moved exactly four times each.

Thank you for your time in creating this site.

Dear visitor,

We're glad you enjoyed your visit at our page and your comments are well received.

Here is your Chess diagram:

four moves chess diagram
Position after 4 moves each

Visitors trying to solve this puzzle should note the King-side Knights from both players are gone after only four moves made by each player.

Thank you for visiting us,

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