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Letter #44 -  2011

Sub:    Game viewers
10/17/11  03:09:20 PM EDT
From:  Gus L.

I have been a quite frequent visitor to your chess-poster site and lately found a change in the size / look of some of your Chess viewers.

The following is a graphic from your 'Great Games' page showing how small and different the pgn viewers are actually looking:

 applet view

Did you make any changes to the viewers to make them look like that?, or is it something wrong in the settings of my computer?


Dear visitor,
We have received many questions related to the same issue you mention in your e-mail.

We did not make any changes at all to cause the visors to change in any form. They all look the same in our machine.

However, we've just found what may have triggered this behavior when we recently upgraded our IE browser from version 7 to version 8 and found that the viewers started to appear just like the graphic you've sent us.

This problem has been already corrected by increasing the size of the applets a little bit.

Thank you for visiting us,

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