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Letter #01 -  2011

Sub:    Gentleman's GM conduct
01/05/11  9:24:09
From:  Joey White

I am sending you an ending position from a game played between Jose Capablanca (white) and Milan Vidmar:


A short story behind this position is that the game was adjourned by Vidmar and when the day came to resume the game, Capablanca did not show up to play and Vidmar knocked down his King and resigned.

Do you guys know any facts about this game or, do you have the complete game moves somewhere else in your site?

Thank you very much for your attention.

Dear viewer,

The game you're referring to was held in the summer of 1922 at the London International Tournament. Milan Vidmar adjourned the game in a clearly lost position and on the day for resumption, he had decided to resign as soon as Capablanca had arrived.

Capablanca did not show up and Vidmar knocked down his King just a few seconds before Capablanca's clock flag was about to fall down and Vidmar would be formally awarded a victory in a game he already intended to resign.

The English press called this Milan Vidmar's gesture "The most splendid move that had ever been made in a Chess game."

The game:

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