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Letter #09 -  2011

Sub:    John Worrell
02/16/11  07:49:00
From:  L. Leonhardt

While researching my family history, I recently discovered (to my delight!) that my great-great-great grandfather John Worrell was a top amateur Chess player in England during the mid-nineteenth century.

His sons Thomas Annetts Worrell and Charles Tasman Worrell followed closely in his footsteps.  I believe there is a painting/photo from this era featuring a group of top players (including John Worrell) at a championship match.

Do you know where I could obtain a copy of this?  

Any information you could provide on Worrell would be most helpful.    

L. Leonhardt

Dear viewer,

There is not too much information from John Worrell on the net or in our Chess reference books and we were unable to find any pictures of him. Hopefully, one of our viewers could have some pictures and articles related to Mr. John Worrell and share them with us.

And yet, we found a digital copy of a Chess book from Google which is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible.

This digital book from 1846 is titled "The Chess Player's Chronicle" (TCPC) and contains a small text article mentioning Mr. Worrel as well as four games he played shown in old descriptive Chess notation.

The PDF file (Acrobat Reader) can be downloaded here and the pages to find are shown in the following table:

Description TCPC Acrobat Reader
Article Page 177 Page 188
Game #1 Page 268 Page 279
Game #2 Page 297 Page 308
Game #3 Page 330 Page 341
Game #4 Page 356 Page 367

Thank you for visiting us,

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