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Letter #47 -  2011

Sub:    Nimzovich praised Carlos Torre!
11/11/11  7:13:22 PM EDT
From:  Julio Mata

Hello, from Puebla, Mexico.

I like to send you a game from our great GM Carlos Torre.

The story behind the game is that Aron Nimzovich was closely following this game and when Yates resigned, he walked over to a group of grandmasters and said in a loud voice, "A new genius has arisen in the world of Chess!"

Would you be kind to post this game in your site?

Thank you very much for you Chess page.


Dear visitor,

Carlos Torre (1904-1978) was Mexico's first Grandmaster. At age 6, he learned to play Chess. Being very young, he went to live at New Orleans and won the Louisiana Championship in 1923.

Later, in august 1924 won the New York's Championship and in September wins the title in Detroit , Michigan defeating all the Grandmasters.

GM Carlos Torre always considered this game the best he ever played.

The game:

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Thank you for visiting us,

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