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Letter #18 -  2011

Sub:    PGN files at your site
04/23/11  11:29:00
From:  Vadim Trofimov

Dear Web-master,


pgn file

at can not be open by WINBOARD (1.65 MB).

Please repair this PGN-file.

Thank you for your web-site.  

Best wishes,
Vadim Trofimov

Dear visitor,

We tested Reshevsky pgn file with Winboard viewer and did not load or work as you indicate. Even that we did not find anything wrong with the file as we went through the text lines, we believe the file was somehow corrupted.

The pgn file has been already replaced and tested again. We surely appreciate your input about this error in our page. Please, let us know if you still have any problems with this issue.

Thank you for visiting us,

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