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Letter #35 -  2011

Sub:    PGN Files at your site: Paul Morphy
08/11/11  12:18:00 PM EDT
From:  Vadim Trofimov

Dear Web-master, I have checked all of 415 games of Paul Morphy with WinBoard.

In PGN-file:

morphy pgn

Sometimes white's or black's move is missed in PGN_file of Games, so WinBoard gives message "Illegal move". If it possible, please correct PGN-files of the next Games:

Game 57_______ 15. Illegal move Qd3.
Game 67_______ 08. Illegal move Qd6.
Game 76_______ 01. Illegal move e6.
Game 77_______ 01. Illegal move d6.
Game 90_______ 14. Illegal move ef.
Game 104______ 12. Illegal move Nc6.
Game 135______ 16. Illegal move Qd7.
Game 147______ 19. Illegal move Rxf6.
Game 148______ 22. Illegal move Rxc6.
Game 163______ 38. Illegal move Ke5.
Game 221______ 18. Illegal move ab.
Game 239______ 08. Illegal move Qxd3.
Game 259______ 13. Illegal move Qf8.
Game 276______ 38. Illegal move Rf7.
Game 299______ 16. Illegal move Kf7.
Game 303______ 16. Illegal move Rd6.
Game 327______ 13. Illegal move Rxd3.
Game 364______ 08. Illegal move Nxf6.
Game 369______ 34. Illegal move Rg7.

Thank you for your web-site.

Best wishes,
Vadim Trofimov

 Dear visitor,

We reviewed Morphy games and found that the problem may happen because the current version of WinBoard does not recognize or support the en-passant maneuver. Most games you are referring to involve this movement.

A new version of WinBoard (4_2_7b) has been posted in our page: This update will solve Paul Morphy's en-passant games.

Also note that in several games, one piece or more are missing from the Morphy's side because he used to give some piece(s) advantage to players weaker than him. These games could have trigger an error message too, but the newer WinBoard program should work fine for all games.

Thank you for visiting us,

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