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Letter #45 -  2011

Sub:    Problem solution
10/25/11  12:12:43 PM EDT
From:  Dalton

Can you help me with the first move to this mate in 8 Chess problem?

 mate in eight

White mates in 8 moves

G. Dalton

Dear visitor,

The first move is Bxc7+!

The complete solution can be found below by highlighting the blank space inside the following frame with the mouse:

 1. Bxc7+ Rxc7  2. Qxa7+ Kxa7  3. Rea1+ Kb8  4. Ra8+
Kxa8  5. Nb6+ Kb8  6. Rd8+ Rc8  7. Rxc8+ Ka7  8. Ra8#

Thank you for visiting us,

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