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Letter #13 -  2011

Sub:    Solving Chess problems
03/29/11  7:22:00
From:  pawn_forward


I would like to know if there is a program in your site to help solve Chess problems. I use to attend a night Chess class and I still consider myself a beginner player.

Every time at the end of a class, we are given a Chess problem position to solve at home and many times I fail to solve them, specially mates in three moves and above.

Any help?

Thank you very much.

Dear viewer,

The easiest way to solve a Chess problem is to feed the position into a computer Chess program or into a Nalimov endgame tablebase server.

If you are unable to find the solution of a Chess problem, and don't have Chess software or other means to solve it, there is an easy way to do it in our site.

The following example is a Chess problem which we believe is quite difficult and you might need to solve it:

mate in four
White to move and mate in 4 moves

If you cannot solve it, go to this page and build the above position. This fen string: “1q2r1k1/2p1bpp1/8/1r6/8/1B6/1B6/1K2Q2R w - - 0 1” should result after building it. Highlight it (without quotes) and copy it to the computer memory (Ctrl-C).

Now, open this page and paste the memory content into the fen string window (Ctrl-V) and press the “Send FEN string” button. At this point, you can try to solve this particular fen problem interactively against the computer playing white pieces and moving first.

Since all you like to find is the solution to this Chess problem, when you paste the memory content into the fen string window (Ctrl-V) and press the “Send FEN string” button, just press the “Switch Colors” button next and the computer will make the first move to this problem and will display all other moves (if any) from this mate sequence.

Thank you for visiting us,

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