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Letter #29 -  2011

Sub:    THANKS!!
07/02/11  8:40:17 AM EDT
From:  Celso Chini

And CONGRATULATIONS!!, exceptional site of yours! :))

lol..... JUST IN TIME!! I was DESPERATELY searching for SOKOLOV GAMES!! because of his book WINNING CHESS.

I am used to, but YOURS MATCHES AS WELL!! and your DATA BASE is more COMPLETE!!

Everyday thousands of persons are being "caught" by Chess and your site SUPPLIES THE ESSENTIALS NEEDS.

I only SUGGEST you post in GOOGLE more tags, example: Chess games files, Chess games .zip, Chess database, and more.

Abraço do Brasil!!!
Celso Chini

 Dear visitor,

Your comments are very welcome and we appreciate your feedback very much.

We're also glad that you found the Sokolov games you were looking for in our pgn database page.

Greetings to you and to all of our Chess friends in Brazil.

Thank you for visiting us,

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