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Letter 38 -  2012

Sub:    Anand game
10/03/12  11:00:37
From:  Robert C.

Chess friends,

GM Viswanathan Anand has been the undisputed FIDE world Chess champion five times and has proved to be a formidable player.

While viewing his games from your PGN page database, I found a game between him and Alonso Zapata played in 1988 in which Anand lost in just six moves!!.

Did Anand have a chance by moving his Queen to e7 right in front of his King?

Thank you.

Dear viewer,

Anand resigned because he knew he could not save his Knight by any means.

Losing a minor piece either a Knight or Bishop in the early stage of a game with no compensation at all makes a game very hard to win or draw even for a GM like Anand.

If you believe Anand had a chance by moving his Queen to e7, below you can play this game against the computer in the same position Anand resigned and find out if winning is possible.

You have black pieces and move next.

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Thank you for visiting us,

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