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Letter #19 -  2012

Sub:    Anand-Gelfand game 8
05/21/12  11:13:053
From:  viewer_22


The game Anand-Gelfand #8 ended in just 17 moves. Gelfand's Queen seemed trapped on h1 and he resigns. Did Gelfand have a chance if he would have moved his Knight to c6 square instead of giving up?

Thank you for following this world championship in your site.



Dear viewer,

This is a very complex position and computer analysis shows a winning game for Anand. Also, this game makes history as the shortest loss in a world Chess championship match.

We are posting this ending position so you can play it against the computer with the very same position where Gelfand resigned.

You need to move your Queen to square f2 to trap black's Queen like Anand did in the actual game. Computer will move the Knight to c6 as you suggested and you should be able to defeat the computer in a few moves.

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