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Letter #11 -  2012

Sub:    Blunders in Chess games
03/13/12  2:49:00
From:  Morgan


Just wondering if Grand Masters sometimes make mistakes or bad moves.

Thank you.

Dear viewer,

Yes, they make mistakes too. There are many examples from poor moves made by GM's that occur under tournament time pressure or very complex Chess positions.

Inexplicable blunders have also been made by Chess Masters like the one played by Vladimir Kramnik against Deep Fritz 10 in the "Man vs. Machine" match of 2006:

Below, you can review a game from the 1892 world Championship match between Wilhelm Steinitz and Mikhail Chigorin. Despite having a clear advantage and a piece ahead, Chigorin moves his Bishop to b4 in move 32 allowing Steinitz to mate in two moves. This blunder let Steinitz win the match and retain his world Champion title.

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