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Letter #09 -  2012

Sub:    Chess clock
02/22/12  9:31:29
From:  Deace


Dear friends,

What is the purpose of using Chess clocks in tournaments?

Thank you.

Dear viewer,

The purpose of using Chess clocks in tournaments is to regulate time and to avoid the false "Chess of resistance" that allows to win not the best player, but the most resistant to sleep or fatigue.

The first time a time-limit was used was during the 1861 Anderssen vs Kolisch Chess match where an hour-glass was introduced giving each player two hours to make 24 moves. The modern Chess clock was introduced in 1900 by Veenhoff and Groningen.

A good example for the necessity of using Chess clocks could be told in this true life story: -Once, in a game between two masters and after several hours of neither moving a piece, one of them finally asked the other: "Well, can we expect a move today?" The other player replied: "I thought it was your move!"

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