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Letter 36 -  2012

Sub:    Chess problems
09/06/12  01:13:33
From:  Maurice

Since your last changes, I can make the first move but the computer does not answer.

The computer does not make the next move in ANY of the Chess problems, e.g.: Problem 1, I move Bishop to H6, then I wait and wait, NO ANSWER.

It is the same for ALL of the Chess Problems. What to do....?


Dear visitor,

We have tested our Chess problems and they work fine in our machine. We also tested them in a different machine and they also worked fine.

Sometimes, by restarting your computer everything may go back to normal.

If the problem cannot be solved, we suggest to try playing them in a different computer to find out if the problem resides in your first machine.

If you find that you can play the problems fine in other computers then you may need to upgrade the Java software into your first computer since the original files may be corrupted:

Let us know if you still have problems on this issue.

Thank you for visiting us,

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