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Letter #14 -  2012

Sub:    General inquiry
04/02/12  11:30:00
From:  Leonardo Jaramillo

What is a correspondence Chess game?

In Chess problems books by the Grand Master Roman Toran, this is mentioned in some Chess games.

Thank you.

Dear viewer,

Correspondence Chess is a version of the game that has been played for centuries and it is sort like playing long-distance Chess. This type of Chess playing has been commonly made by sending moves by mail to an opponent, who will then reply with his own move and send it back in the same manner.

Some forms of correspondence Chess, besides the Postal system, are through email and through a correspondence Chess server. Other less common methods which have been employed include teletype, fax, and homing pigeons. It is normal for a correspondence Chess game played by mail to take months or years to complete given the length of time sending and receiving moves by each player.

Bobby Fischer played in the Capablanca Memorial tournament of Havana, Cuba by teletype from New York city on 1965 because the U.S. State Department denied him permission to travel to Havana for the tournament.

US Chess Champion Bobby Fischer won this match on Wednesday night August 25 by defeating Heinz Lehmann in 32 moves:

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