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Sub:    Hello!
05/29/12  12:35:08
From:  gaston espinoza


How you're doing?, my name is Gaston, I am from Argentina and I'm writing to compliment you for the site you have, which I believe is very complete and straightforward and truly deserves a 10 guys, I congratulate you!!

p.s. could you provide me the solution to the Anand-Gelfand game 8 (5/21/12)? :D

From now, thank you very much!! You may have noticed that I am a beginner in the game of Chess.

Dear viewer,

This particular Chess ending can be solved in several ways depending on the level of play the computer program is set or the power of your computer. We cannot provide you with an absolute solution since your machine can make different moves of what our answer may show.

As an example, if we send you a string of moves and your machine at any time moves different, then the remaining set of winning moves becomes obsolete. We can tell you for sure that the first right move is to take the Knight with the Pawn and let the Queen escape. The key move for you to follow is Bd3!! and then, win a few moves later.

The following is a possible solution playing the program in the default level:

  1. Qf2  Nc6
  2. dxc6  Qxc6
  3. Bd3!  gxh5
  4. Rg1+   Kf8
  5. Qf6  d5
  6. Qg7+  Ke7
  7. Nxd5+  Kd8
  8. Qg5+  f6
  9. Nxf6  h6
10. Qh4  Qa4+
11. Kb1  Re5
12. Qf4  Qe8
13. Nxe8  Re7
14. Nf6  Re6
15. Rg8+  Ke7
16. Qc7+  Kxf6
17. Qg7# (or Rg6#)

FEN rn2r1k1/pp3p1p/3p2p1/2pP3P/2P5/2N5/PPKQ3P/1R3B1q w - - 0 1

Thank you for visiting us,

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